Distinguish Between Computer Education and Computerized Education

By | June 27, 2016

Computer device is not only used as a storage device. Through computer we can get connected to the world through internet and known things happening world wide. After reading this article you will known the differences between computer education and computerized education.

Computer education

Computer Education:

Computer education is the process acquiring the basic computer knowledge, ideas, skills and other competencies so as to understand the basic terminologies weakness of computer, potentialities of computers and how computers can be used to solve every day problems.

Computer education increases the chances of getting job opportunities from the companies. The knowledge on software and hardware education helps to get the high salary paying jobs. Computer education helps to manage our own business efficiently. In banking through internet we can know the transaction payment, stored amount in bank, etc. education is development of human mind. It clears the darkness of our life. It is the third eye of the human beings computer education is use in every field and sector in industries now-a-days.

Computerized education:

Computerized education that is now spread globally and which appears to be irreversible, most publications dealing with computerized education is focused on the benefits and only a few of them contain cautions and reasonable.