Chemical Fertilizers Industry in India

By | March 30, 2016
  • Chemical Fertilizers Industry played a significant role in making Green Revolution a success in India. The different raw materials needed for Chemical fertilizers company are available in India.
  • At present, India is the third largest producer and consumer of chemical fertilizers in the world. Mainly two kinds of fertilizers are produced in India: 1. nitrogen based 2. Phosphorous based. however, the production of Potash based fertilizer is quite limited due to lack of raw-materials, the deficiency of Nitrogen in the Indian alluvial soils.
  • First factory to manufacture nitrogenous fertilizers was established at Ranipet in Tamil Nadu in 1906 but after the independence, in 1961, the process of development decentralization began with the setting up of the fertilizers corporation of India.
  • The availability of the raw materials along with the deficiency of nitrogen in the Indian soils has been the main reason behind the rise of nitrogen-based industries in India.
  • Mainly five types of raw materials are utilized in the Nitrogenous fertilizer industry.
    1. Naptha: Naptha is a petroleum bi-product, Therefore, this industry has been developed in all the oil-refinery centers of the country.
    2. Coal: The major industries based on coal are located at Talcher, Korba, Sindri, Bhilai and Durgapur.
    3. Natural gas: The nitrogenous fertilizer industry was established as soon as the natural gas pipeline had been developed. The Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) pipeline based six industries have been established at Bijapur, Saiwai Madhopur, Anole, Jagdishpur, Babroala and Shahjahanpur.
    4. Sulphuric Acid: The industry based sulphuric acid has been developed at Kochi, khetri and Alwar.
    5. Hydrogen: The electrolytic hydrogen is received by the Hydro-electric centres. the fertilizer industry based on this, has been developed at Nangal and Hirakud.
  • The major reason for the lack of the phosphorous based industry is the insufficient availability of Rock-Phosphate in the country. At present, its raw material is being imported from Nauru and Morocco.
  • The largest Phosphoric fertilizer industry under Public Sector Undertakings¬†is located at Paradip. These industries have been developed at Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Udaipur, Udyogmandalam and Kochi.