About National Statistical Commission (NSC)

By | August 3, 2017

Indian government ordered setting up National Statistical Commission (NSC) on 1st June, 2005 on the recommendations of C. Rangarajan Commission. NSC assumed charge on 12th July, 2006. Prof Suresh Tendulkar became the first chairperson of the NSC.

Constitution of NSC:

  1. A part-time chairperson who will be an eminent statistician or social scientist.
  2. Four part-time members, one each from the following fields of specialization and experience in
    1. Economic statistics in such areas as agriculture, industry infrastructure trade or finance.
    2. Social and environment statistics in such areas as population, health, education, labour and employment or environment.
    3. Statistical operations in such areas as censuses, surveys, statistical information system or information technology.
    4. National accountants, statistical modelling or state statistical systems.
  3. The Secretary, Planning Commission as ex-officio member.
  4. The Secretary, Minister of Statistics and programme Implementation to function as ex-officio member secretary of the Commission till the Chief Statistician of India, the post created specially as the Head of the National statistical office will be the secretary of the Statutory Commission.