Trade Unions: Characteristics, Objectives

By | April 22, 2020

A trade union may be defined as an organisation of employees formed on a continuous basis to secure a diverse range of benefits, rights privileges of the workers in an organisation.

According to Edin B Flippo, “A trade union is an organisation of workers formed to promote, protect and improve, through collective action, the social, economic and political interests of its members.”

Characteristics of Trade Union:

  • These are a voluntary association of workers in an organisation.
  • It is formed to achieve common interests of its members.
  • Trade union always act collectively through joint action all its members.
  • A trade union is a continuous action body. It can be temporary or a permanent arrangement.
  • The aim of the trade union is the welfare of its members.

Objectives of Trade Unions:

  • To redress the bargaining advantage of the individual workers against the management.
  • To secure improved terms and conditions of employment for their members.
  • To guarantee steady employment to workers with enough work and good pay in normal market conditions.
  • To provide legal sanctions to the demand of workers in the form of enacting it into legislative acts.
  • To increase the extent to which unions can exercise democratic control over decisions that affect their interests by power-sharing at the plant and corporate level.

Factors Leading to Unionisation:

For Bread and Butter: It improves economic condition like fair wages, a pleasant working environment.

For Safety and Security: Economic security of job and safety from industrial hazards such as fatigue, poor conditions of machines, fire, accidents ar workplace in plants.

For Resolving Disputes: Between employer and employees.

For Checking the Wrong Action of Management: unions oppose irrational, illogical, discriminatory actions against employees.

For Sense of Participation and Belongingness: They feel like a more muscular body to raise voice against management on critical issues and to fulfil their social needs.