Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution

By | January 23, 2017
  • Fundamental duties in Indian constitution are based on Japanese model. Ten duties in the the Indian Constitution were included in the Indian Constitution by 42nd amendment act, 1976 on the basis of Swarn Singh Committee. Eleventh duty was added by 86th Amendment act, 2002.
  • Fundamental rights and fundamental duties are co-relative. 11 Fundamental Duties of the citizens towards the State have been enumerated in Article 51-A in part-IV A of our Constitution.
  • There is no provision in the Indian constitution for direct enforcement of any of these duties nor any sanction to prevent their violation.
  • supreme Court pointed out the foundation of the “composite culture’ expressed in clause (f) of article 51-A in the Sanskrit language and literature.

List of Fundamental Duties for Citizens:

List of Fundamental Duties for Citizens