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Largest Deserts in the World by Area

Sahara, Australian Desert, Arabian desert, Gobi, Kalhari Desert, Takla Desert, Sonoran Desert, Namib Desert, Kara Desert and Thar Desert are the 10 largest deserts in the world in terms of Area. Thar desert is located in Indian state Rajasthan and some area of Thar desert is in Pakistan. S.No Desert Name Approximate Area in sq. km Location /… Read More »

Highest Mountain Peaks of the World

Top 10 highest mountain peaks of the world are located in the Himalayan Region at Nepal and India. Out of these top 10, 7 are located in the Nepal and 3 are located in India. S.No Peak Name Height (in mts.) Country Located 1 Mount Everest 8848 Nepal 2 K-2 (Godwin Austin or Qagir) 8610 India 3 Kanchenjunga… Read More »