Technology Transfer Approach of Taiwan for Development

By | May 13, 2018

Taiwan’s approach to technological development and technology transfer is a great success story. In Taiwan, industrial technology research and development is enhanced by a nonprofit corporation known as the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI). This institute conducts technical Research and development (R&D) on targeted projects directed and funded contracts from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, a central government agency. The research results are then applied to assist or guide the private sectors either through technology transfer or technology expansion.

Taiwan has located ITRI next to two of its top universities in science and technology. The National Tsinghua University and the National Chiao-Tung University. A targeted Project for technology transfer can draw upon the scientific and technological expertise of the faculty of these two lines institutions. The participation of the private sector through the investment and business planning of industrial facilities completes the team of players needed to spur industrial development.

To facilitate the technology transfer further in Taiwan, an industrial park is located in proximity to permit a project incubated in ITRI to be spun off a privately owned facility in the industrial park. Such collaborations among government agencies, non-profit corporations and private industries have been very successful in transferring industrial technologies within Taiwan, especially in areas of high risk or crucial importance. Taiwan also relies heavily on its well-educated nationals, who are trained overseas. Incentives are provided to induce them to return home, thereby bringing technology to Taiwan. Technology transfer through people is very effective transfer mechanism.