Technology Transfer Approach of United States for Development

By | May 13, 2018

The United States of America is by far the most intensive technology producing country in the world. United Nations leadership in science is evident from the nation’s large number of Noble Prize Winners in science, more than twice that of each of its closest competitors, The United Kingdom and Germany.

The creation of technology in the United nations is superior. The space technology, the defense technology and the technology available within the industry are unmatched by any country in the world. How is it, then, that U.S competitiveness declined in the 1970s and 1980s and that the nation has a huge deficit in its balance of trade. The answer lies in the fundamental principal of Managment of Technology. A major factor in competitiveness and wealth creation is how technologies are spun off to commercial and service enterprises. transferring technology from where it is created to here it can b used effectively is at the heart of this issue. Having realized this fact, the United Federal government has made technology transfer a significant activity. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1995) The government has also moved to shore up its technology policy through effective partnering and joint investment in technology investment in technology with the private sector.

The National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) has been very active n promoting technology transfer and has created a national network of Technology Transfer Centers. NASA has established procedures for reporting new technology innovations and publishes the information in its Tech briefs Mazaine. It has developed guidelines for partnership agreements and sponsored several universities based technology transfer centers to effect technology-based economic development locally and regionally. The Southeast Region Technology Transfer Centers located at the University of Alabama, The Georgia Institute of technology, The University of Florida and several other academic institutions are examples of technology transfer centers working to link industry users to technology producer.