Commonly Used Words Which Sound Alike But Have Different Meanings

By | November 4, 2015

English language can be a hard for us to understand. It is not mother tongue many of the people around the globe. The Britishers brought it to our lands. We generally get confused between a couple of words. Especially when they sound so similar. So to make life easier, here are 20 sets of commonly used English language words which sound alike but have different meanings:

advice-advise amiable-amicable assent-ascent censor-censure complement-compliment convince-persuade crocodile-alligator cue-queue cyclone-hurricane dual-duel effect-affect greatbritain-unitedkingdom guarantee-warranty hiv-aids infer-imply isle-aisle meter-metre pills-tablets sex-gender weather-climate
Image Source: ScoopWhoop