Synonyms and Antonyms (Section S)

By | November 15, 2016

Synonyms and antonyms of essential English words are starting with alphabet ‘S’. Learning synonyms and antonyms for the words in this section ‘S’ will be helpful for the aspirants preparing for competitive examinations on English language testing. This section ‘S’ covers terms such as scatter, sever, severe, shabby, shatter, shield, shortcoming, shrewd, significant, slack, slender, solitary, sophisticated, spectacular, speculative, spendthrift, spontaneous, stagnant, stalwart, static, staunch, steadfast, steep, stern, stingy, stout, straightforward, stun, subordinate, summit, superficial, superfluous, supplement, sympathetic, swift etc.

1 Scatter dispel, disperse, dissipate, diffuse, disseminate, radiate hoard, gather, accumulate
2 Sever carve, cleave, slice, cut, separate, split combine, join, unite 
3 Severe demanding, stern, bleak, brutal, dour, momentous amenable, comprising, willing
4 Shabby decrepit, dilapidated, scruffy, tattered, abominate, loathsome kempt, tidy, preserved 
5 Shatter fracture, rift, smash, ruin, splinter, wreck fix, repair, mend
6 Shield defend, guard, preserve, protect, secure, ward endanger, uncover, open
7 Shortcoming deficiency, defect, inadequacy, paucity, scarcity, flaw advantage, sufficiency, plenty
8 Shrewd astute, canny, perspicacious, cagey, slick, smart stupid, inept, silly
9 Significant eloquent, meaningful, suggestive, considerable, consequential, monumental meaningless, trivial, unimposing
10 Slack sluggish, lax, loose, derelict, neglectful, remiss stiff, taut, rigid
11 Slender bony, fleshless, lanky, lean, skinny, negligible cubby, overweight, plump 
12 Solitary detached, isolated, ionesome, secluded, reticent, singular accompanied, together, sociable  
13 Sophisticated cosmopolitan, worldly, intellectual, adulterated,thoughtful, cerebral rustic, rural, simple
14 Spectacular dramatic, sensational, theatrical, breathtaking, astounding, dazzling ordinary, usual, plain
15 Speculative contemplative, deliberative, meditative, pensive, abstract, theoretical practical, realistic, concrete
16 Spendthrift prodigal, profligate, extravagant, lavish, profuse, wasteful  miser, economical, thrifty
17 Spontaneous impulsive, instinctive, volitional, natural, unrestrained, unpremeditated deliberate, intended, planned
18 Stagnant dormant, lifeless, listless, inactive, static, still moving, active, lively 
19 Stalwart indomitable, sturdy, dauntless, courageous, stout, dependable coward, meek, weak
20 Static immobile, gridlocked, stalled, stationary, inert, latent active, changeable, variable
21 Staunch steadfast, firm, allegiant, loyal, true, constant irresolute, unreliable, undependable
22 Steadfast determined, unbending, unflinching, unwavering, resolute, steady disloyal, unreliable, shaky 
23 Steep abrupt, bold, precipitous, stiff, lofty, elevated moderate, gentle, beneath 
24 Stern demanding, exacting, harsh, rigid, severe, unyielding lenient, tolerant, light 
25 Stingy close-fisted, niggard, parsimonious, penurious, exiguous, skimpy generous, unselfish, wasteful
26 Stout audacious, dauntless, heroic, plucky, valiant, hulking skinny, underweight, thin
27 Straightforward candid, downright, ingenuous, forthright, plainspoken, frank deceitful, devious, dishonest
28 Stun daze, bemuse, stupefy, numb, petrify, stupefy expect, calm, bore
29 Subordinate inferior, lower, petty, collateral, dependent, subservient chief, vital, major
30 Summit apex, crest, vertex, acme, pinnacle, zenith base, bottom, nadir
31 Superficial cursory, shallow, sketchy, apparent, ostensible, seeming analytical, thorough, genuine
32 Superfluous excess, extra, spare, supererogatory, supernumerary, attachment, compliment basic, fundamental, integral 
33 Supplement accessory, adjunct, appendage, appurtenance, attachment, compliment basic, fundamental, integral
34 Sympathetic empathetic, compassionate, condolatory, understanding, pitying, commiserative callous, merciless, uncaring
35 Swift breakneck, expeditious, fleet, hurried, rapid, speedy delayed, slow, sluggish