Synonyms and Antonyms (Section A)

By | August 9, 2016

Synonyms and antonyms of essential English words are starting with alphabet ‘A’. Learning synonyms and antonyms for the words in this section ‘A’ will be helpful for the aspirants preparing for competitive examinations on English language testing. This section ‘A’ covers terms such as Abandon, abolish, abrupt, accomplish, abstract, absurd, abundant, accelerate, accumulate, accuracy, accuse, acquire, acute, adequate, admire, adopt, adventurous, adversity, affection, aggregate, aggressive, agree, alert, alliance, alone, amazing, ambitious, amend, amplify, amuse, ancient, anonymous, anxiety, appealing, appreciate, apprentice, approve, arrogance, artificial, ascend, assist, assurance, astonishing, attain, attentive, attract, auspicious, authentic, autonomous, average, avoid, awake, aware, awful, awkward etc.

1 Abandon desert, leave, quit, forge, renounce, surrender continue, keep, pursue
2 Abolish cancel, nullify, annul, invalidate, negate, set aside establish, set up, found
3 Abrupt hurried, sudden, blunt, curt, brief, brusque smooth, gradual, courteous
4 Accomplish achieve, attain, gain, reach, realize, fulfill fail, forsake, give up
5 Abstract hypothetical, theoretic, academic, speculative, ideal, abstruse concrete, definite, factual
6 Absurd foolish, idiotic, silly, insane, nonsensical, moronic logical, reasonable, rational 
7 Abundant ample, generous, heavy, bountiful, plentiful, substantial rare, tight, scarce
8 Accelerate hasten, hurry, quicken, hustle, expedite, speed up decelerate, retard, slow down
9 Accumulate aggregate, amass, collect, garner, gather, pile up disperse, scatter, dissipate
10 Accuracy correctness, exactness, truth, veracity, precision, rightness inaccuracy, error, anomaly
11 Accuse arraign, charge, indict, denounce, incriminate, allege absolve, defend, exonerate
12 Acquire gain, get, procure, obtain, secure, win forfeit, forgo, relinquish
13 Acute critical, crucial, piercing, sharp, incisive, shrill dim, dull, obtuse
14 Adequate enough, satisfactory, sufficient, comfortable, average, decent deficient, wanting, insufficient
15 Admire appreciate, praise, value, respect, like, regard blame, condemn, disapprove
16 Adopt affirm, approve, confirm, sanction, pass, ratify disclaim, disowm, spurn
17 Adventurous bold, daredevil, daring, enterprising, dangerous, risky cautious, safe, timid
18 Adversity misfortune, unluckiness, haplessness, affliction, hardship, bother fortune, happiness, prosperity
19 Affection liking, love, attachment, fondness, sentiment, loyalty enmity, dislike, hatred
20 Aggregate amount, sum, total, totality, entirety, gross individual, separate, single
21 Aggressive hostile, militant, combative, contentious, belligerent, attacking complaisant, laid back, easy-going
22 Agree accept, tally, nod, consent, accede, concur differ, contradict, disagree
23 Alert observant, vigilant, watchful, keen, witted, wary inattentive, asleep, drowsy
24 Alliance coalition, league, union, group, association, confederation discord, hostility, antagonism
25 Alone lonely, single, isolated, apart, solitary, detached together, accompanied, escorted
26 Amazing astonishing, fantastic, fabulous, incredible, marvelous, wonderful average, ordinary, commonplace
27 Ambitious aspiring, desirous, emulous, eager, longing, ardent satisfied, content, unassuming
28 Amend correct, improve, rectify, redress, revamp, ameliorate blemish, impair, worsen
29 Amplify boost, enlarge, expand, increase, magnify, develop lessen, summarize, compress
30 Amuse recreate, regale, divert, delight, please, entertain annoy, fatigue, bore
31 Ancient old, archaic, outdated, obsolete, primal modern, new, young
32 Anonymous nameless, unnamed, unsigned, unidentified, mysterious, shadowy named, known, identified
33 Anxiety nervousness, distress, unease, concern, worry assurance, composure, quietude
34 Appealing tempting, interesting, alluring, engaging, fascinating, charming disagreeable, unappealing, off-putting
35 Appreciate value, admire, welcome, cherish, escalate, recognize condemn, disregard, disapprove
36 Apprentice learner, intern, novice, beginner, student, trainee mentor, teacher, experienced
37 Approve accept, support, ratify, recognize, endorse, like deplore, censure, disallow
38 Arrogance haughtiness, insolence, egotism, conceit, superciliousness, pride humility, servility, meekness
39 Artificial synthetic, unnatural, false, fake, deceptive, sham real, genuine, natural
40 Ascend rise, amount, climb, increase, spring, mount descend, lower, decline
41 Assist help, aid, support, abet, relieve, back hinder, oppose, thwart
42 Assurance promise, certainly, guarantee, belief, pledge, warrant uncertainly, doubt, hesitancy
43 Astonishing surprising, amazing, astounding, fabulous, incredible, marvelous dull, boring, unimpressive
44 Attain achieve, accomplish, gain, reach, gain, get, realize desert, forfeit, surrender
45 Attentive intent, heedful, considerate, regardless, responsive, conscientious heedless, inattentive, neglectful
46 Attract appeal, draw, entice, allure, fascinate repel, repulse, deter
47 Auspicious opportune, propitious, favourable, timely, benign, fortunate hopeless, unluckily, ill-fated
48 Authentic credible, genuine, trustworthy, valid, real, original fake, counterfeit, unreal
49 Autonomous free, independent, sovereign, separate, self-governing, unrestrained dependent, subject, bound
50 Average common, acceptable, moderate, usual, typical, ordinary outstanding, exceptional, unusual
51 Avoid escape, shun, evade, elude, duck, dodge face, seek, want
52 Awake conscious, aware, alert, stirring, roused, wakeful unconscious, asleep, lull
53 Aware alive, awake, alert, stirring, roused, wakeful ignorant, unaware, insensitive
54 Awful dreadful, shocking, horrible, terrible, ghastly, appalling charming, pleasing, beautiful
55 Awkward clumsy, graceless, inept, cumbersome, inelegant dexterous, adept, skillful