Synonyms and Antonyms (Section C)

By | August 13, 2016

Synonyms and antonyms of essential English words are starting with alphabet ‘C’. Learning synonyms and antonyms for the words this section ‘C’ will be helpful for the aspirants preparing for competitive examinations on English language testing. This section ‘C’ covers terms such as calm, casual, caustic, cautious, cease, certainty, charming, chaos, cheater, check, clumsy, coarse, collusion, commence, compact, compel, competent, compile, complain, complex, conceal, concise, conflict, conquer, consensus, consistent, contradictory, convincing, courteous, curtail etc.

1 Calm peaceful, quiet, serene, detached, nonchalant turbulent, violent, wild
2 Casual accidental, informal, natural, spontaneous, relaxed, unrestrained planned, premeditated, deliberate
3 Caustic acerbic, biting, scathing, sharp, pungent, slashing calm, mild, soothing
4 Cautious careful, prudent, wary, chary, circumspect, gingerly rash, hasty, imprudent, unguarded, heedless, careless
5 Cease check, discontinue, halt, stall, arrest, belay commence, continue, initiate
6 Certainty assurance, confidence, conviction, sureness, surety, credence ambiguity, doubt, uncertainty
7 Charming delightful, enchanting, heavenly, attractive, appealing, lovely  offensive, repellent, terrifying
8 Chaos clutter, confusion, disarray, jumble, muddle, disorder calm, harmony, order
9 Cheater defrauder, swindler, trickster, crook, scammer, deceiver honest, truthful
10 Check arrest, stop, quit, stall, bridle, constrain  allow, assist, permit 
11 Clumsy awkward, graceless, unskilled, inept, unwieldy, unmanageable expert, dexterous, adroit 
12 Coarse crude, rough, uncivilized, uncouth, obscene, filthy smooth, refined, sophisticated
13 Collusion conspiracy, connivance, intrigue, plot, scheme, machination  discord, separation, estrangement
14 Commence begin, embark, inaugurate, initiate, launch, undertake  cease, finish, end
15 Compact dense, close, crowded, packed, tight, heavy loose, slack, uncondensed
16 Compel coerce, oblige, pressure, force, obligate, make  impede, obstruct, hinder
17 Competent capable, skilled, proficient, efficient, decent, sufficient  inefficient, incapable, incept
18 Compile assemble, gather, garner, collate, congregate, consolidate  disperse, disassemble, scatter
19 Complain grouch, grump, whine, fret, fuss, grieve  applaud, commend, praise
20 Complex complicated, intricate, elaborate, knotty, tangled, convoluted evident, obvious, plain
21 Conceal block, hide, obscure, clock, shroud, mask disclose, divulge, expose
22 Concise brief, compendious, laconic, succinct, terse, summary expansive, elaborate, lengthy
23 Conflict confrontation, hostility, strife, discord, dissent, variance agreement, concord, peace 
24 Conquer defeat, overcome, subdue, rout, surmount, vanquish retreat, succumb, yield
25 Consensus unanimity, accord, agreement, unison, harmony, consent disagreement, discord, dissonance
26 Consistent accordant, congruous, consonant, correspondent, harmonious, unchanging  incongruous, varying, erratic
27 Contradictory contrary, converse, diametric, opposite, polar, reverse  consistent, reconciled, agreeing
28 Convincing cogent, persuasive, satisfactory, authentic, credible, valid dubious, implausible, incredible
29 Courteous attentive, considerate, polite, solicitous, genteel, mannerly rude, impolite, uncivilized
30 Curtail abbreviate, abridge, condense, reduce, shorten, cut extend, lengthen, prolong