Synonyms and Antonyms (Section D)

By | August 13, 2016

Synonyms and antonyms of essential English words are starting for the aspirants preparing for competitive examinations on English language testing with letter ‘D’. This section ‘D’ covers terms such as deadly, decline, deficient, dejected, delicate, delight, demolish, deny, depart, depressed, deprive, despair, detached, detain, deteriorate, devastate, diligent, diminish, din, diplomatic, discard, disclose, disgusting, disperse, disrupt, distant, distinct, distinguished, distract, docile, doldrums, dominant, downfall, drastic, dreadful, drubbing, drowsy, dubious, dumb, dupe etc.

1 Deadly fatal, lethal, mortal, ghastly, malignant, baneful nonfatal, harmless, lively
2 Decline refuse, reject, dismiss, fall, deteriorate, descend increase, rise
3 Deficient defective, incomplete, lacking, wanting, inadequate, scarce flawless, adequate, sufficient
4 Dejected depressed, down, gloomy, desolate, melancholic, sad cheerful, happy, joyous
5 Delicate elegant, exquisite, fine, feeble, fragile, sensitive coarse, harsh, robust
6 Delight pleasure, joy, cheer, exult, rejoice, gladden, gratify  trouble, sadden, dismay
7 Demolish destroy, destruct, raze, shatter, wreck, smash build, repair, restore
8 Deny contradict, negate, disallow, reject, refuse, repudiate admit, allow, confess
9 Depart exit, leave, retire, drop, demise, deviate arrive, come, enter
10 Depressed dejected, desolate, gloomy, sad, melancholic, deprived elated, exalted, happy 
11 Deprive dispossess, divest, rob, strip, disinherit, bereave bestow, endow, confer 
12 Despair anguish, dejection, melancholy, misery, sorrow, despondency joy, cheerfulness, happiness
13 Detached isolated, solitary, indifferent, apathetic, nonchalant, unruffled  attached, combined, involved
14 Detain delay, retard, hold, lag, confine, imprison liberate, release, free
15 Deteriorate decline, worsen, languish, degenerate, putrefy, spoil improve, strengthen, better
16 Devastate ravage, waste, plunder, smash, pillage, raze  build, construct, enrich
17 Diligent assiduous, industrious, studious, earnest, attentive  languid, lazy, lethargic
18 Diminish abate, decrease, dwindle, lessen, rebate, reduce expand, prolong, extend
19 Din clamor, hubbub, noise, pandemonium, tumult, uproar  calm, peace, quiet
20 Diplomatic discreet, sensitive, repellent, abhorrent, repugnant, shabby pleasant, delightful, inviting
21 Discard dispose, jettison, abdicate, eliminate, expel, banish embrace, retain, keep
22 Disclose bare, show, unveil, convey, transmit, impart conceal, hide, withhold
23 Disgusting horrid, repulsive, repellent, abhorrent, repugnant, shabby pleasant, delightful, inviting
24 Disperse dissipate, scatter, diffuse, disseminate, spread, strew assemble, collect, garner
25 Disrupt disturb, unsettle, upset, disarray, disorganize, derange arrange, organize, reassure
26 Distant far, faraway, remote, offish, reticent, solitary adjacent, close, neighbouring
27 Distinct clear, sharp, pronounced, visible, manifest, unambiguous fuzzy, hazy, vague
28 Distinguished eminent, famed, noted, prominent, celebrated, renowned obscure, unimportant, inferior
29 Distract disturb, flurry, fluster, perturb, ruffle, unsettle  appease, reassure, pacify
30 Docile gentle, meek, amenable, compliant, submissive, mild inflexible, obstinate, stubborn
31 Doldrums dejection, depression, blues, gloom, melancholy, mournfulness elation, glee, joy
32 Dominant commanding, governing, ruling, authoritative, prevailing, masterful humble, modest, reserved
33 Downfall descent, collapse, fall, bane, ruination, undoing ascent, rise, success
34 Drastic dire, radical, strong, forceful, harsh, exorbitant cal, easy, superficial
35 Dreadful appalling, direful, fearful, frightful, horrendous, ghastly pleasant, wonderful, inoffensive
36 Drubbing beating, defeat, thrashing, rout, vanquishment, whipping aid, assistance, protection
37 Drowsy dozy, sleepy, slumberous, somnolent, soporific, nodding alert, awake, lively
38 Dubious doubtful, skeptical, uncertain, ambiguous, chancy, questionable certain, reliable, trustworthy
39 Dumb inarticulate, mute, silent, stupid, mute, dimwitted articulate, vocal, smart
40 Dupe deceive, beguile, misguide, cross, fool, trick  guide, lead, advise