Synonyms and Antonyms (Section J,K,L)

By | November 15, 2016

Synonyms and antonyms of essential English words are starting with alphabet ‘J’, ‘K’ and ‘L’. Learning synonyms and antonyms for the words in this sections ‘J’, ‘K’ and ‘L’ will be helpful for the aspirants preparing for competitive examinations on English language testing.

Section J:

This section ‘J’ covers terms such as jade, jarring, jocular, jolt, jovial, jubilant, judicious, jumble, jumbo, junk, justify, etc.

1 Jade wear, fatigue, drain, tire, down, enervate amuse, excite, exhilarate
2 Jarring rasping, agitating, harsh, raspy, raucous, strident subdued, soft, quiet 
3 Jocular comedic, facetious, funny, witty, frolicsome morose, serious, grave 
4 Jolt bump, collision, smash, shock, crash, blow luck, fortune, expected
5 Jovial blithe, jolly, mirthful, jocund, convivial, gleeful sad, unhappy, serious
6 Jubilant exultant, happy, triumphant, elated, euphoric, gleeful depressed, sorrowful, dejected
7 Judicious prudent, rational, balanced, sensible, sound, reasonable reckless, thoughtless, irritational
8 Jumble muddle, scramble, disarray, disrupt, befuddle, confound order, organize, harmonize
9 Jumbo behemoth, colossal, stupendous, mighty, mammoth, massy miniature, tiny, small
10 Junk Discard, dispose of, scrap, dump, jettison, chuck keep, hold, preserve
11 Justify rationalize, vindicate, corroborate, sustainable, apologize, defend assail, impugn, protest

Section K:

This section ‘K’ covers terms such as keen, knit, knock, knotty, kudos, etc.

1 Keen alert, ardent, fervent, perceptive, sensitive, sharp reluctant, uninterested, indifferent
2 Knit fasten, affix, link, loop, intermingle, weave detach, severe, break
3 Knock censure, criticism, condemnation, blame, rap, smash compliment, praise, endorsment
4 Knotty complex, complicated, convoluted, daedal, intricate, tangled unsnarled, systematic, uncoiled
5 Kudos accolade, distinction, acclaim, applause, eulogy, plaudit censure, condemnation, vituperation

Section L:

This section ‘L’ covers terms such as lavish, lean, legitimate, lethal, lethargic, liability, liberal, lively, loafer, loyal, lunatic, luxurious, etc.

1 Lavish luxurious, opulent, extravagant, prodigal, profuse, generous economical, scanty, scarce
2 Lean bony, lanky, meager, slender, succinct, brief plump, chubby, overweight
3 Legitimate Lawful, legal, licit, justifiable, logical, valid invalid, illegal, unwarranted
4 Lethal deadly, fatal, mortal, vital, destructive, ruinous beneficial, harmless, helpful
5 Lethargic sluggish, stuporous, torpid, apathetic, detached, indifferent active, lively, vivacious
6 Liability obligation, arrears, debt, exposure, vulnerability, indebtedness irresponsibility, accountability, assets
7 Liberal progressive, tolerant, broad-minded, modern, generous, munificent conservative, narrow-minded, orthodox
8 Lively brisk, sprighty, animated, vivacious, dynamics, vigorous dispirited, boring, dull
9 Loafer burn, drone, idler, sluggard, lazybones, wanderer hard worker, workaholic, overachiever
10 Loyal faithful, staunch, steadfast, devoted, allegiant, trustworthy  unfaithful, undependable, disloyal
11 Lunatic crazy, demented, insane, distraught, maniac, unsound sane, sensible, balanced
12 Luxurious lavish, palatial, plush, rich, opulent, sumptuous destitute, tiny, scarce