Synonyms and Antonyms (Section T)

By | November 15, 2016

Synonyms and antonyms of essential English words are starting with alphabet ‘T’. Learning synonyms and antonyms for the words in this section ‘T’ will be helpful for the aspirants preparing for competitive examinations on English language testing. This section ‘T’ covers terms such as tactless, talktive, tally,  tame, taunt, tease, tedious, tempting, tender, terrorise, thorny, thorough, thrifty, thrilling, tidy, toil, tolerant, transparent, treaty, tremendous, tribute, tricky, triumph  etc.

1 Tactless clumsy, gauche, impolitic, maladroit, brash, undiplomatic discreet, thoughtful, refined
2 Talktive chatty, conversational, garrulous, loquacious, talky, voluble  quiet, reserved, uncommunicative 
3 Tally enumerate, reckon, score, conform, correspond, harmonize differ, deviate, contrast
4 Tame Domesticate, moderate, soften, subdue, tone, down, bust arouse, incite, stimulate
5 Taunt gibe, insult, jeer, scoff, twit, banter compliment, praise, respect
6 Tease annoy, biat, beleaguer, beset, pester, torment appease, mollify, gladden
7 Tedious dreary, humdrum, monotonous, beset, pester, torment appease, mollify, gladden
8 Tempting bewitching, enchanting, enticing, fascinating, winsome repulsive, revolting, disgusting
9 Tender gentle, mild, soft, delicate, dainty, frail hard, rough, tough
10 Terrorise alarm, frighten, panic, scare, startle, terrify assuage, assure, help
11 Thorny prickly, spiny, thistly, nettlesome, barbed, stingy dull, smooth, soothing
12 Thorough exhaustive, intensive, arrant, outright, downright, unmitigated partial, superficial, unfinished
13 Thrifty canny, chary, frugal, prudent, sparing, economical extravagant, spendthrift, wasteful
14 Thrilling electrifying, exhilaration, moving, stimulating, exciting, uplifting depressing, discouraging, upsetting
15 Tidy orderly, spruce, taut, uncluttered, moderate, snug chaotic, messy, sloppy
16 Toil labor, strain, strive, travail, plod, trudge laze, skip, rest
17 Tolerant liberal, progressive, broad-minded, lenient, merciful, lax prejudiced, biased, disapproving
18 Transparent crystalline, limpid, lucid, see-through, pellucid, vaporous  opaque, cloudy, blocked
19 Treaty accord, agreement, concord, convention, pact, bond  disagreement, discord, disunity
20 Tremendous enormous, gigantic, massive, mighty, monumental, marvelous insignificant, tiny, petty
21 Tribute commendation, compliment, congratulation, salute, salvo, testimonial accusation, criticism, blame
22 Tricky crafty, cunning, foxy, guileful, scheming, wily naive, ingenuous, unassuming
23 Triumph victory, conquest, win, exultation, jubilation, success defeat, forfeit, failure